Please be informed that our offices will be closed at 2:30 pm this and every Wednesday through to November 26th 2018. We sincerely regret  any inconvenience this may cause.

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E-Access is an online facility that allows members to access their current financial data and perform a limited transaction set in the comfort of their home or  office 24 hours per day.



The interface is a secured interactive and dynamic window into your account information.  Transactions online are protected by VeriSign Security (International Standard online security for financial transactions).

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as at December 2017


  • Are the 13th largest of the 34 credit unions

  • Had a share portfolio of $1.088B

  • Had total savings portfolio of $1.306B

  • Had  Net loan portfolio of $1.128B


  • Solvency was 138% (each $ in the credit union is worth $1.39)

  • Savings: Asset ratio was 69.37%

  • Loan: Asset was 65.60%

  • Total Operating Exp: Average Asset was 6.26%

  • Net Institutional Capital: Total Asset was 17.87%

  • Assets grossed $1,664.66m

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Mr. Christopher L. Samuda's encouraging speech at the 2015 scholarship awardees breakfast 

Ms. Maxine Wilson, Function Chair and General Manager; our host, Mr. Robert Thelwell, President of the Palisadoes Co-operative Credit Union; the Honourable Commander John McFarlane, Custos Rotulorum of St. Andrew; Mrs. Donna Parchment-Brown, Political Ombudsman; Mr. Derrick Tulloch, President of the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League; Directors of the Board and Managers of the Palisadoes Co-operative Credit Union; Scholarship Awardees; Members of the Credit Union; Ladies and Gentlemen

I am very appreciative of the kind invitation to speak with you this morning which I certainly could not refuse as it is from one of Jamaica's most respected credit unions and one for which I have great admiration, particularly as your hands are not only voluntary in helping but, more importantly, selfless.

Have you ever seen Santa Claus without hands, giving hands? Have you ever felt Santa without a heart, a giving heart? Have you ever asked Santa for a gift and received the response: "Yu bright, go ask yu mumma and puppa for mi nuh response fi yu"

The men and women in this room. Have your children ever asked you for love and you have given them hate? Would you not grasp the outstretched feeble hand of a parent who gave you strength and security when as a child you reached for a hug?

Give love not only on Christmas day but on all of Christ's days of the year.  Bells should jingle and ring not only at Christmas but on every day in Christendom. Peace on earth goodwill toward men, should be heralded to every corner of the earth in a world where man's inhumanity to man sacrifices love even now at the mass of Christ.

But you, Palisadoes, have responded with outstretched helping hands. Hands of love, hands of goodwill, hands of healing, hands of and for humanity. For you know that your hands are the expression of your thoughts and deeds and in their palms, is the DNA of character and being.

If, therefore, our thoughts are murderous, we will have blood on our hands. If our deeds are treacherous, our hands will be instruments of deceit and betrayal. Show me your hands and I'll tell you your story.

And the story of Christmas in a troubled world is simple: He, the Christ Child became flesh and dwelt amongst us for us to behold His Glory and to live and embody His life.

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Get a chance to win a Palisadoes Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd souvenir by answering all the questions below and submitting you answers to palisadoes.info@palisadoescreditunion.com

A kid had nineteen plastic mugs out of which, all but nine were lost.

How many mugs was he left with?


In the picture given below, can you find out which digit will take place of the question mark?


Can you find out the next digit in the following series ?

0, 0, 1, 3, 2, 6, 3, 9, 4, 12, 5, ?


In the given figure, can you find out the missing numbers?


What number should come in place of question mark?


An ape is trying to climb on a pole that is 60 feet high. Due to the slippery surface, the ape climbs 3 feet in a minute only to slip back 2 feet.

How much time do you think the ape will take to reach the top of the pole?

Hint: The answer is not sixty minutes.

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